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Discover the Beauty of Cuba

Why Cuba It is estimated that more than one million Canadians visit Cuba every year, and there is a good reason why. The island is just beautiful and the Cuban people are genuinely happy, it is contagious from the moment you land. Well, there also is the part where the whole country is full of… Continue reading Discover the Beauty of Cuba

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Five Reasons You Should Explore Canada (or your country) Before Heading Abroad

Let me start by saying Canada is so beautiful. Seriously, I wish I could do a coast to coast road trip and that wouldn’t even be enough. I need a lifetime to explore this country. There are so many adventures in our own backyard and they shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially by Canadians. I would say… Continue reading Five Reasons You Should Explore Canada (or your country) Before Heading Abroad

Banff, Canada

Five Things to See in Banff

Our Beautiful Banff I wasn’t sure if I should do a post on Banff, it feels like most of my readers already know so much about this place buy hey, I got some fans that have never been to Alberta (Lol I actually call them fans **sigh**). Anyways, I decided to do a short post.… Continue reading Five Things to See in Banff

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Visiting Vegas!

Things to do in Vegas We all have heard about Vegas, the city of wild entertainment. Although the city itself is not your ideal family vacation, especially if you have young kids, there is so much to do for everyone. Don't just gamble and stay on the strip, go to museums, explore downtown Vegas, take… Continue reading Visiting Vegas!